AI Marketing is formerly known as is a marketing bot that helps you to earn real commission while shopping. This is a completely artificial intelligence system that promotes different kinds of products and brands with the help of AI-trained robots.

If you are looking to make money online through advertising then is the best way to do so. With the help of AI marketing, you can rest assured that your money will be spent on the best deals and offers in order to reward cashback to the customers.

This is a guide for customers who are not sure how to sign up, login, or register with this company. The complete methods of registration, topping up the account balance, running the advertising campaigns, and getting profit are here for you. So read all the things carefully before you run your first campaign.

About AI Marketing (

In today’s age of data-driven marketing, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is starting to play a big role. And that’s where AI Marketing comes in. AI Marketing is a company that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses better understand and target their customers.

They are offering the best cashback deals not only for online customers but for purchases from offline stores as well. There are two ways to earn revenue with this company.

  1. Through advertising campaigns (Needs investment)
  2. Affiliate program (Refer your friends and earn)

By collecting and analyzing data on customer behavior, they run campaigns within specific regions and get sales guaranteed.

In addition, they also offer tools that can automate certain marketing tasks, such as email marketing and social media campaigns. As the use of AI in marketing continues to grow, companies like AI Marketing will only become more invaluable to businesses of all sizes.

About INB Network (

AI Marketing is a part of INB Network that is offering different investment strategies to businesses. INB network is working on advertising campaigns that generate sales and then profit. With the help of INB, you can spread your products to a large number of target customers. Due to target customer advertisement campaigns, you will earn good revenue on your capital.

You can earn without investment as well when you refer INB to your friends and family. If you have a large number of customers on your website then you can use the INB network to show ads, perform tasks like fulfill the customer surveys and join other users’ affiliate programs. When your visitors perform these tasks, you will get an affiliate commission on behalf of those completing tasks.

If you are working with AI marketing then it is very necessary that you will also work with the INB network. With the help of this network the whole system of is working.

How Does INB Network Work?

The earning system depends on referring new members. When you refer to new members, when they buy anything from the INB network, you will get a commission that is also called an affiliate commission.

Another way to earn with INB is via offering cashback offers and other different tasks to your users. If you are running a business platform and you have a large number of visitors then you can then offer INB surveys, and cashback offers and when they fill them out, you will get a commission from INB.

What is AI Marketing MarketBot?

If you’ve ever wished you could get inside the heads of your customers and know what they’re thinking, MarketBot is here to help. This AI-powered bot analyzes social media and searches query data from search engines like Google and Bing to estimate the demand for certain products or services in the near future.

So whether you’re a retailer trying to stock the right items or a marketer trying to target the right audience, MarketBot can give you the insights you need to stay ahead of the curve. And best of all, it’s always monitoring trends so you don’t have to. So why not give it a try? After all, it’s never too early to start planning for your company’s future success.

How Does AI Marketing Robot Work?

The bot is an algorithm that is also called the Global Product Analysis and Promotion system. So the working principle of this system is very simple. Here is how it works:

  1. First of all, the Global Product Analysis and Promotion system collects the data on trending products: it uses the social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  2. Now it combines all the data that it has gathered and uses it to determine what queries or keywords are currently trending and what would be trending in the future as well.
  3. The bot prioritizes the products that are trending in a specific region so it can sort out the most specific products that will boost sales.
  4. After finalizing the products, the marketing team runs an ad campaign using Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, and other services as well.
  5. Once the ad campaign starts, the system or bot will monitor the sales.
  6. Whenever a customer buys a product by clicking on the running ads, the API system automatically adds a commission balance to your account.

So that’s how the complete cycle works.

What are the Commission Rates?

One thing is to keep in mind that you will only get an affiliate commission when a customer actually makes a purchase using your running advertisement campaign. It means if the customer returns the item after receiving it or cancels the order, the commission will vanish from your account.

Here are the commission rates:

  • When you spend $1 for advertising, in return you will get between $1.25 to $1.35 as ROI
  • The company gets a total of 55% of the cashback amount and you will get 10% of the cashback amount
  • 45% of the revenue goes to the company. This amount is used to run campaigns and protect the AI-bot as well

How to Register/Sign Up with AI Marketing?

This is a guide on how to register or sign up for AI marketing.

ai marketing register
ai marketing register
  1. First of all, visit the website link
  2. Now click on the upper right corner where you will see the button “SIGN IN/SIGN UP”
  3. Click on that button
  4. Now a pop-up window will open and you will see four icons for sign in
  5. These are four methods that you can use to sign up/login
  6. For making a proper account, you need to click on “Blue Brain Icon”
  7. This will redirect you to a new page where you need to enter your details
  8. Click on “Register Now” if you are using it first time
  9. Enter the following details
  10. Name, surname, email, and choose a password
  11. Click on the captcha and fill it
  12. Now click on register and that’s it

Congratulations! you have successfully registered or signed up with AI marketing.

How Do Login/Sign In to your AI account?

The ai marketing login process is so simple:

ai marketing login
Ai Marketing Login
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the login button
  3. Now login with your Gmail or any other email
  4. Enter your password and you are all set to go

How to Earn Money with AI Marketing?

There are two ways for users to earn rewards or money while using this platform.

  1. Spend money on advertisements
  2. Refer a friend or people

1- Spend Money On Ad Campaigns

In this way, you will need to invest in AI marketing. If you are a novice and you don’t know much about advertisement campaigns then don’t worry, AI will do it for you.

All you have to do is just put some money in your AI account and the company will do the rest.

In this manner, you will get a profit for every product sale.

2- Refer a Friend

This method requires nothing to invest but your efforts. You will need to share your referral URL on the different social media platforms so people can join as your referral. When they make any purchase using your referral link, you will get a %5 commission.

How to Start an Ad Campaign? Step-by-Step Method

This is a complete and easy step-by-step guide for those who want to know how to invest money in AI marketing and how to start an ad campaign. So follow the steps:

1- Top Up your Account

The first thing is to top up your account so the rest of the things will start. Here is how you can do it.

Ai Marketing Top up Account
Ai Marketing Top up Account
  1. Go to top up section
  2. Now select your preferred top-up method from
  3. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Visa/Mastercard, Tether, or Perfectmoney
  4. You can add a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $1000

2- Run an Advertisement Campaign

Now it’s time to run a campaign.

  1. Once your start a campaign
  2. You can either use a personal landing page with your personal blog or website
  3. You can also create a standard landing page with more options and opportunities

Now you don’t need to do anything as the AI bot will do the rest.

The AI bot will search the web using artificial intelligence and then it starts to collect data regarding the best brands that are offering a good amount of cashback.

The AI bot will collect all the queries and keywords that are trending in specific regions at a specific time. For example:

  1. In December, many people were searching for Christmas gifts, decorating stuff deals, and offers. So, the AI bot will collect all this data, and then it will start to run ads on those keywords in those specific regions.
  2. A user can also set a custom region like the USA, UK, Europe, or any other country where he/she wants to run the ad campaign.

The probability of sales gets high up to 35% due to the AI system. So using this method will surely help you to get 35% more ROI in a very short time.

How do I get Cashback?

The whole system is easy and 90% of the things will be done by an AI bot as you don’t need to do anything. All you have to do is just add money to your account and let the AI robot do its things.

Once the customer clicks the ad and makes a purchase using your link, you will see a cashback in your Sales section. However, the status of the cashback will be pending.

As soon as the company confirms the sale, you will get your profit in 16 to 60 days. The company needs to confirm as there will be no cancellations, or refunds of the orders so you may need to wait for some time.

How to Withdraw the Cashback Money?

Withdrawal of the earned money is very easy. However, before the withdrawal, your cashback amount should be in your cashback account not in pending status.

Once the purchases are validated by aggregators, they will send the money to your cashback account. So now you can finally withdraw the money.

There are currently five methods for withdrawal:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Etherium
  3. Visa/Mastercard
  4. Perfectmoney
  5. Tether Coin (TRC20/ERC-20)

Why are there different Accounts?

There are a total of four main accounts in your primary account. These have their own purposes.

Let’s see what they do:

  1. Credit Account
  2. Advertising Credit Account
  3. Cashback Credit Account
  4. Pending Orders Account

Credit Account

This is the main wallet of your account where you can keep your funds. You will need to add funds to this account so you can transfer the money to other accounts like the advertisement account.

For adding funds, you can use five methods or you can even use your credit or debit card as well. Once you have topped up your main wallet account, now you can start making money.

Advertising Credit Account

This is an account where you will keep the money to run ad campaigns. You can add up to $1000 to this account and the AI bot will automatically deduct the money from this account in order to run ad campaigns.

Cashback Credit Account

Now you will see a cashback account in your wallet. This account is where you will get all the cashback from your profit. You can withdraw this fund to your bank account.

Pending Orders Account

This account is to show you how much order you have in pending status. Once the aggregators release the money of the placed order, you will get the commission. However, until the order is in unconfirmed status, your commission will be in pending status.

How to Earn Without Investment?

Fortunately, you can earn without spending a cent on this website. You can start to earn by just referring this website to your friends and family.

If they sign up using your referral link, you will get 5% of their total earnings for life. That means, if they make $100 per day, you will get $5 per day without doing anything. This is a very good way to earn some extra money without spending anything.

Moreover, you can complete simple tasks and participate in events of the brands in order to earn money with AI marketing.

How to Use a Cashback Link Generator?

Cashback Link Generator
How to Use a Cashback Link Generator

There are over 20,000 websites or brands that are currently working with AI marketing. All these brands have some sort of affiliate program. Hence, there is a section for a cashback link generator on this website.

You can use that tool to generate cashback affiliate links for those brands. And you will need to drive sales through your link in order to get paid.

The commission rates for each brand vary, but the average is around 5%. So, if you can generate a sale of $100, you will get paid $5.

It is not that difficult to generate sales if you have a blog or website with some traffic. You can simply write a blog post about the brand and include your affiliate link. If someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you will get paid.

You can also use social media to drive sales. Just share your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and ask your followers to use it if they are interested in the product.

If you can drive a decent amount of traffic to your affiliate link, you can make some good money with the cashback link generator.

Get Cashback from Offline Shopping

This is actually a bonus for the everyday spenders. How many times do you have to go to Starbucks, KFC, MacDonald, or Subway? What if you will get some cash back whenever you pay for your regular fries, burger, or cup of coffee? Sounds great, right? That’s what you can expect when you use an AI marketing company like

Yes, you can now get cash back from your offline store shopping as well. You can get up to 1.5% of the return on every purchase.

How to Claim Offline Cashback Reward on AI.Marketing?

The process is very simple:

Claim Offline Cashback Reward
Claim Offline Cashback Reward on AI.Marketing
  1. Go to the offline cashback section
  2. Click on claim rewards
  3. Select your country
  4. Select your cards like Visa or Mastercard that you have used to make an offline purchase
  5. Enter the last four digits of the card
  6. Now you need to upload the receipt of your purchase for example a receipt from Starbucks

Once you have done this, you will get a reward in your cashback account in 24 hours.

Why Trust AI Marketing?

There are numerous reasons to put your trust in AI Marketing. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • They have a team of experts who know what they’re doing. They’ve been in the business for years, and they have the experience and knowledge to help you succeed.
  • They use cutting-edge technology. they’re always ahead of the curve, and we’re constantly innovating to bring you the best possible results.
  • The company cares about its clients. They’re not just in it for the money. They want to see you succeed, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.

Why There is a 35% Gain in ROI using AI Marketing?

There are a lot of reasons why AI marketing can help you achieve a 35% gain in ROI. Here are some of the most important ones:

The AI bot or algorithm predicts the outcome of your marketing campaigns and provides you with real-time feedback so that you can fine-tune them for better results.

AI also allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and ad targeting. This frees up your time so that you can focus on more important things.

You can also use AI to personalize your marketing messages so that they resonate better with your target audience. This leads to higher conversion rates and more sales.

Finally, AI is always learning and evolving. It analyzes data faster than humans can and it never gets tired. This means that your AI marketing campaigns will only get better over time.

AI Marketing Reviews

The website is very popular all across the globe. People are not only getting higher commissions but more customers due to artificial intelligence. Here are some of the reviews from the trust pilot:

  • One of the customers said, the company has 4 million users and it’s awesome. It pays very well and I love it. He gave it a 5-star rating.
  • Another customer said I have been working with this company since 2020 and I have earned a good amount of money so far. He gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating.
  • Most of the users are talking about it positively and they have given the 4 stars average rating.

So this company has a good reputation on the web and you can see how people are using it.


What is

This is a website or a platform where you can earn a good profit on your investment. The company is based on advertising and marketing. You can expect to earn a lot from this company.

How does work?

The company uses cutting-edge AI technology to grow its sales and businesses. There are over 20k brands that are working with this company and they all are offering good cashback offers to their customers. So they start a campaign and sell the products through ad campaigns. Once they start getting sales, you will get cashback. However, you need to invest in order to get profit from this arbitrage system.

Who can join?

Everyone can join from all around the world. There is no restriction on who can join. You just need to have a required payment method account in order to receive your payments.

What is the minimum amount I need to start with?

The minimum amount you need to start with is $10. This is the amount that you need to invest in order to get started.

How long does it take to see results?

The ad campaign started 48 hours after you invested the money. And, after 48 hours, you will see pending orders in your account. However, it can take up to 60 days before you get the earned commission money in your wallet.

What percentage will I get?

You will get $1.25 in return if you spend $1 as an investment on ads.

How to run an advertisement campaign?

You don’t need to do anything once you have transferred your funds into your advertising account. The system will automatically deduct the amount from your account and it will start a campaign automatically as well.

Is INB Legit?

Yes, INB is a 100% legit business module network. The whole network works on an MLM program which means you will not earn money from INB in fact you will earn from your referred users. So there is no need to worry about the legitimacy of this network as you can rest assured about it. Also, the withdrawal process is very easy and you can withdraw your money instantly.

Final Words

No doubt is spreading its business like a storm. They are offering good ROI and people are trusting them. There are over twenty thousand brands and websites that are working with this company.

Moreover, the artificial intelligence algorithm is very useful and fruitful. The system automatically detects the trending brands, and products and then makes a data sheet. Due to the precise ad campaigns, the ROI grows up to 35%. So if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section.